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As part of this Youth Engagement Roadmap, the GYBN community is organizing the following activities:


Capacity building
& Mentorship

Training programmes, materials, publications, and mentorship to help youth have a deeper understanding of biodiversity and to feel empowered to take action.


Online survey, virtual consultations and in-person national consultations to gather perspectives and priorities of young people about biodiversity and its future.


Youth advocacy initiatives comprised of meetings, events, and activities for the Post-2020 process as well as policy documents, position papers, and other materials showcasing the key priorities of the youth community for the future of biodiversity. 

Mobilization, actions and campaigns

Campaigns, actions on the ground, and partnerships around the world to further amplify the voices of the youth community and enhance the influence of the biodiversity agenda.

Roadmap 2020 Elements 3.png

Youth Engagement Roadmap for the Post-2020 GBF

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Online Survey

Express your opinions and priorities for the future of biodiversity

Super years for Biodiversity

2020 and 2021 are crucial years for the future of life on Earth. All the governments of the world are coming together to negotiate under the Convention on Biological Diversity to agree on a Global Biodiversity Framework that will provide political guidelines and commitments for everyone: Governments, corporations, institutions, civil society to mobilize their communities and galvanize action for biodiversity.

Fulfilling our role as the youth coordination platform to the CBD, GYBN has developed a roadmap for youth engagement in this process to:







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Get Engaged

How to get engaged with the GYBN Youth Engagement Roadmap!

Get Informed

Information about Post-2020 and the GYBN Youth Engagement Roadmap

Our community growth around the world

Roadmap 2020 Elements 3.png

About GYBN

The Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN) is an international network of 550 youth organizations, representing more than 1,23M youth from 172 countries whose common goal is to prevent the loss of biodiversity. GYBN represents the voice of global youth in the negotiations under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), raises awareness among young people of the values of biodiversity, and connects individuals and youth organizations in order to build a global coalition to halt the loss of biodiversity.

As the official coordination platform for youth participation in the negotiations under the CBD, GYBN is committed to bringing the opinions and positions of young people into the political process, empowering young people to take action. Recognized and supported by the CBD Secretariat, GYBN seeks to inspire global youth and future leaders to work for the sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity for a healthy environment and society.

GYBN was created as the result of an international initiative by young people who participated in CBD COP10 in 2010, and was officially established in 2012.

The network is coordinated by an international steering committee and is entirely run by young people for young people.