Get to know our global network and the roles that we play in protecting against biodiversity loss.

Discover the efforts of our regional and national chapters in preserving biodiversity globally.

Explore our accomplishments that have aided in our goal to defend Earth's biodiversity.

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The Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN) is an interconnected and interdisciplinary network of young people from every region of the world, who share a common goal: to prevent and halt the loss of biodiversity.


With biodiversity loss being a global issue, we need young people around the world to protect against biodiversity loss.  Click below to discover the regions and chapters and their work:


GYBN has established many regional chapters around the world, created publications regarding biodiversity, and is continually involved with the Convention on Biological Diversity  Explore our work, participation in the UNCBD and more.


To defend our planet's natural resources, we create a stronger movement when we collaborate.  Learn how to join a regional chapter, work on a local project, or partner up with us at GYBN.