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GYBN Participation in the CBD

Learn more about GYBN youth involvement at previous CBD meetings: 

At CBD COP-11 in Hyderabad, India, GYBN assumed its role as the official youth coordination platform for the CBD. The newly appointed Executive Secretary, Mr. Bráulio Dias reiterated the CBD Secretariat’s support for GYBN, strengthening GYBN’s position in the process.


GYBN also closely collaborated with other caucuses, NGOs and governments, accommodating the diversity of all the different youth groups and initiatives in one united voice. 

Through GYBN, young people successfully captured the attention of delegates, media and governments, advocating for stronger youth participation in biodiversity-related decision-making processes on all levels. GYBN made history at COP-11 - for the first time, youth participation was officially acknowledged for its importance in the decision-making process through a COP-Decision approved and adopted by all CBD parties.

Bonn 2008

Nagoya 2010

Hyderabad 2012

Montreal 2014

Montreal 2014

Pyeongchang 2014

Since then, through the GYBN platform, young people have been experiencing great success in engaging with the negotiations at the CBD: 


Establish partnerships with other organisations and coalitions


Showcase youth-led activities and contributions to the work of the convention


Advocate for the rights of future generations in inheriting a healthy planet


Organise actions and campaigns to mobilise and engage delegates 


Establish a communication channel between young people and national decision-makers

Youth delegation

Acknowledges the importance of youth participation


Encourages parties to fully involve youth in all relevant processes


Invites parties to continue to provide support for youth initiatives


B. Children and youth

The Conference of the Parties, 

Acknowledging the importance of youth participation in decision-making process at all levels,

1. Encourages Parties and other governments to include youth fully in all relevant processes, and specifically in the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 and in national biodiversity strategies and action plans, as activities under the United Nations Decade for Biodiversity; and

2. Invites Parties to continue to provide support for youth initiatives and other networks that support the three objectives of the Convention, such as the Global Youth Biodiversity Network.

COP 11

Parties officially recognised youth

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