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Our Upcoming Events

Would you like to get involved in our international, national or local events?

Explore GYBN events below:

GYBN Earth Hour 2020: Unite for Nature

Date: 28 March, 2020

Location: Online

All GYBN Chapters can participate

View more information on the Facebook page

Are you are a young person committed to shaping the Post 2020 Global Biodiversity Framework? Here's your opportunity to take action! Sign up here to participate in this exciting national youth consultation event:

What’s Next For Our Biodiversity?

A Youth Panel Discussion


Date:  Postponed until further notice

Location: Botany Centre Function Hall

GYBN Chapter:

GYBN Southeast Asia

View more information and sign up at this link

Love Singapore’s nature spaces, and want to do more for them? Think you have no experience as a student to partake in the conservation of Singapore's biodiversity? Feel like you know nothing but want to help?

Join us for an afternoon of insightful engagement with youths championing their causes in biodiversity, and find out more about their individual journeys. Keep checking out the link as March 21st approaches for more information of the speakers, and reserve your spot soon!

Global Youth Biodiversity Summit 


Date:  TBD

Location: Miyazaki, Japan

Applications open for all youth engaged in biodiversity

View more information at

Encuentro Nacional de Jóvenes Cambio Climático y Biodiversidad

Date:  24-25 Marzo, 2020

Location: Universidad Autónoma de Manizales

Conoce cómo participar aquí

#Convocatoria🐾🐍📚| Si tienes entre 14 y 30 años, el Nodo Regional de #CambioClimático Eje Cafetero te invita a participar en el Primer Encuentro Nacional de Jóvenes, Cambio Climático y Biodiversidad, donde podrás fortalecer tus capacidades, conocer procesos que se estén implementando en el país e incidir en la construcción de herramientas que permitan articular el trabajo entre los diferentes actores.


Las postulaciones se recibirán hasta el 8 de marzo!