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Learn more about the CBD with our publication, CBD in a Nutshell

Building upon GYBN’s experience in providing capacity-building training to youth representatives, the guidebook was created to help CBD delegates to better understand the process and to provide them with all the information they need to participate effectively in the negotiations. By using expressive visualization and other reader-friendly tools, it explains how the CBD-process works, introduces all relevant institutions and mechanisms, provides summaries of the most important issues in the negotiations and explains all steps of the decision-making process.

Please note: GYBN published a second edition of CBD in a Nutshell in November 2018.  It is available for download in either low resolution or high resolution below:

Low Resolution (75 MB)

High Resolution (137 MB)


Readers are welcome to submit comments and suggestions by writing to the Lead Authors:

melina.sakiyama@gmail.com and 


GYBN is also committed to making CBD in a Nutshell available in as many languages as possible. If you are interested in supporting the translation of our Guidebook, please get in touch with the Lead Authors.