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Press Release for Youth at COP15 

Largest Youth Delegation in CBD COP

7 December 2022


COP 15: Global youth demand transformative change during final negotiations of new global biodiversity framework


  • World leaders have resumed biodiversity negotiations at COP 15

  • Youth demand a just, implementable and impactful biodiversity framework

  • Youth to deliver a creative call to action at COP 15 Youth Day on 8 December 


COP 15, the UN Biodiversity Conference, is taking place in Montreal, Canada, from 7 to 19 December. World leaders are meeting to negotiate and adopt the most important environmental agreement of this decade: the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework. The framework will guide action on biodiversity through 2030 and is as important for nature as the Paris Agreement is for climate. 


On 8 December, youth from around the world will come together at the COP 15 Youth Day, where they will deliver a creative call to action to decision-makers. The call to action was developed at the COP 15 Youth Summit, which brought together over 350 young people. The call to action will showcase the priorities of youth for the new biodiversity framework.


Youth around the world are demanding genuine, transformative change through the framework. Current leaders have a responsibility to transform systems and guarantee the conservation of biodiversity for generations to come. The new framework must address the root causes of biodiversity loss and lead to an equitable world for people and nature.


Continuing the momentum of global youth movements, young people have shown that the new framework must stop the same injustices and have identified 3 priority areas from global consultations:


  1. Intergenerational equity and full and effective participation of youth

  2. Transformative education

  3. Rights-based approaches for people and nature


COP 15 addresses fundamental cross-cultural issues of relevance for all people. The negotiations must meaningfully include priority groups such as indigenous peoples and local communities, women, youth, and people in vulnerable situations.


Since 2010, the Global Youth  Biodiversity Network (GYBN) has served as a platform where young people can participate and collaborate in the decision-making process. GYBN is officially recognized as the international coordination platform for youth participation in the Convention on Biodiversity.


GYBN is representing youth voices from around the world during the COP 15 negotiations. Since 2017, the network has hosted consultations in over 110 countries to gather the perspectives and priorities of youth in their countries, regions, and globally. GYBN is articulating the demands of youth for a truly transformative biodiversity framework.


GYBN looks forward to working with global media to reflect youth priorities and make information accessible throughout the negotiations. The decisions made at COP 15 will have a historical impact on nature and its contributions to people. Youth are holding global leaders to account: by amplifying their voices, the media can ensure access to accurate information and critical perspectives during the most important environmental negotiations of this decade.


Quick Links:


Twitter: @gybn_cbd

Facebook: Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN)

LinkedIn: Global Youth Biodiversity Network 

Media contact: 


Michelle Hahn-Baker:

Events Planned by GYBN

The Global Youth Biodiversity Network has planned several events that will take place during the whole duration of Open Ended Working Group 5 (OEWG5) and COP15. The goal of all these events is to mobilize youth, build capacity and to represent youth voices at these international platforms. Here is a list of all the events that GYBN is organizing:


  1. Youth Summit (from 5–6 December 2022), to prepare youth for COP15.

  2. Youth March (10 December 2022), to march for justice for biodiversity.

  3. Youth Pavilion (8–18 December 2022), showcasing several events by youth and other partners.

  4. Youth Day (8 & 18 December, 2022), showcasing several events that will celebrate youth and be a platform to put forth their views/concerns. 

  5. Youth Exhibition, highlighting the work done by all national chapters and GYBN members who have worked tirelessly for biodiversity conservation and youth engagement since 2012.

  6. GYBN side events at COP15, stay tuned to get more information on the side events that GYBN will organize along with other partners.

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