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#BondWithNature Workshop

If you live in Bogota, Colombia you can join us next July 28th in bond with nature workshop! It is based on the GYBN's goals, specially in the goal: raise awareness among young people of the values of biodiversity, focused in the conectivity perspective among different kinds of urban ecosystems, their environmental functions and benefits for human beings.

In 2017, Latin America and the Caribbean chapter met in the Capacity Building Workshop developed by GYBN, where we had the opportunity to strengthen alliances as leaders from Brazil and Colombia, in order to develop activism and campaign initiatives through environmental education in our countries.

This is why we make the first call to all social and environmental activists and/or volunteers from Colombia to participate. We want to exchange professional experiences with all of you and create new strategies for the solutions to current environmental issues in Bogota City.


• Colombian nationalize; foreign people whom lives in Colombia.

• Young people from 18 to 50 years old.

• Fill the form.

It does no matter if you are undergraduate/graduate, volunteer and/or social leader, everybody is welcome!


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