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📢 About Campaign

Over the years, young people have tirelessly worked to ensure that our voices are heard and to #StopTheSame decisions and false promises that led us to this socio-environmental crisis. Now, with the new Global Biodiversity Framework in place, it's time to transform from viewing youth as mere onlookers to recognizing us as essential actors in implementation, we are the change-makers the world needs.

Our frustration, our concerns and disappointments
have evolved into a
transformative force, generating real change!

The time has come to call upon our countries, leaders, and decision-makers to genuinely include youth at the table, treating us as equals, and involving us in the decision-making processes and implementation projects that will shape our present and future. 

It's time to turn our beliefs into actions, its time of #YouthIntoAction!


Elephant in Wild

It's time to act

🌏 It’s time to be ambitious, it's time to have stronger policies and actions that address the root causes of biodiversity loss. Together, we can make it happen!

🌿 Our planet's future is in our hands. Let's rally together to take actions for biodiversity and a sustainable, equal and equitable world! 🌏

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