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"Speaking for a Species" Campaign

Today, the 9th of October 2014, GYBN launched its "Speaking for a Species" Campaign by giving the first badge to Dr. Braulio Dias, the Executive Secretary of the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD).

Lemuel (Mexico) presenting the species badges to Dr. Braulio Dias, the Executive Secretary of the CBD The campaign aims to get party negotiators to represent a species for the entire duration of COP12. This is to serve as a reminder for the reason of their presence - which is not just to represent their countries, but also to represent these species. Moreover, that their decisions during the COPs is what will determine the future of species who are a crucial part of the planet’s biodiversity. GYBN is collaborating with the ECO newsletter who has given us the space to daily publish a fact accompanied by an image of a species for seven days. This is to aid in raising awareness of our campaign whilst affirming our presence and participation. In addition it will help us get our message across to all the readers and those who are in a position to influence the negotiations. In the next couple of days, our team will be cruising the halls and convention grounds, connecting negotiators to species whilst shedding light onto what their decisions will be impacting – so check us out!


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