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Paradise on Earth

In a crimson setting,

I begin my journey into the shallow waters

Traversing through the serene waters,

As the cool breeze lashes against my face

Deep feelings of love I develop

For nature and its mysteries untold.

The Dolphin, watching my joy, dances in the wavy water

The Stilt performs salsa

The Flamingos flaunt their heroic style

The Ruddy Shelduck chirps as if it is rejoicing at my arrival

Shocked at nature’s beauty

My heart dances with these creatures.

The Barn Swallow convey their love riding over my boat

Egrets, on the other hand, are a mere witness to my joy,

Somewhere, at a distance, I see Godwits

Creatures with true God’s wit

Meditating over its prey

And watching all this with a binocular view

Is the Brahminy kite soaring high in the sky.

Away from all this-

Unaffected by the noises, chirps

Is the Woodpecker sticking to its job

I, on the other hand, relish this divine feeling of nature-

The cool breeze, the beautiful creatures, the silent ambience

And rediscover myself.

By- Dipika Mishra

Twitter- @dipikamishra16


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