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The Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN) is the biggest international network of youth organizations and individuals, which common goal lies on the biodiversity conservation and sustainable use of it.

Among the main goals of this network is to raise social awareness about the values of biodiversity, as well as the importance that the new generations play on the solution of this planetary crisis.  

The Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region is home of one of the richest bio-cultural diversity of the Planet. However, it is also one of the regions with the highest deforestation rates and bio-cultural diversity loss. Through this campaign, we make a call to all those “silent heroes” that lead participatory projects and promote the conservation and sustainable use of the local biodiversity. We want to know your story and share it worldwide. We want to share your success story and be able to inspire and connect the new generations in the construction of a better/sustainable planet.


Showcase internationally those latinamerican youth projects and initiatives that successfully promote the conservation and sustainable use of the biological diversity, as well as the shared access of the benefits of its proper use.

Award those initiatives that work to fulfill the Aichi targets for the LAC region.


Young professionals (17-29 years old) from Latin-American that lead their projects within the LAC region.Individual and collective proposals are welcome.Proposals should be submitted in Spanish.


We look for projects that are developed around the following topics:

-Conservations and sustainable use of biodiversity.

-Capacity building and community governance.

-Endangered species conservation.

-Endangered ecosystems conservation.

-Inspiring and reconnecting new generations/audiences.

-Promotion of community participation and minorities integration.

-Rescue of traditional knowledge.

Participants should follow the GYBN LAC Facebook page where all the information and link of the campaign will be posted. Participants must fullfill the online survey and share the requested information to the following email:

The stories of the winners will be posted and shared in many of the most important websites and digital platforms of Nature Conservation organizations such as the GYBN, GYBN LAC, WildVoices, CoalitionWild, IUCN-World Commission on Protected Areas, KiekariTerra, Dimension Natural, etc.


Starting Date: March 2nd

Receiving Propoasals: March 2nd  – April 2nd

Winners Announcement:  May 1st.


It will be formed by a multidisciplinary group of expert young professionals that lead conservation projects within the LAC region.


We will choose those projects that stand for their creativity, social impact, and their effectiveness in preserve nature and inspire new generations.

The overall criteria used will be:


Project Impact.

-Creativity used to solve environmental problems.

-Engagement with the local communities.

-What does the project do to reach the Aichi Targets?

The Aichi Targets (CBD) will be the main reference to evaluate the impact of each project, no matter if it is a local, regional, national or international projects.


-Winning projects stories will be shared in the GYBN, WildVoices, CoalitionWild and IUCN-WCPA digital media (websites, newsletters and social media).

-A gift package will be send to each winner. The package contains:

-“CBD in a nutshell” (GYBN book).

-Dimension Natural (book).


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