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Member Organizations and Individual Members


As of June 2014, GYBN has 59 member organizations from 27 countries, representing more than 340,000 members worldwide.

Interested in joining? 

If your organization would like to become a member organization of GYBN, please fill out this form and we will get in touch:


Abibimman Foundation – Ghana

Benin Environment and Education Society (BEES NGO) – Benin


The Ambassadors – Nigeria

Successful Youth Foundation (SYF) – Nigeria

Barnabas Trust International – Nigeria

Action Jeunesse pour le Développement (AJED-CONGO) – Congo

Youth Environment Care Voluntary – Ethiopia

EverGreen Agriculture Partnership –  Kenya

Centre for Environmental Initiative (CEI) – Uganda

Jeunes Volontaires pour l’Environnement JVE Senegal – Senegal

Actions Vitales pour le Développement Durable (AVD) – Cameroon

Young Volunteers for Environment - Ethiopia

Faith Association of Rehabilitation of Street Children and

Global Green Environmental Network - Ghana

Rwanda Biodiversity Media Group – Rwanda

Alliance Creative Community Project – Ghana



(R)Evolution Let’s Change Now! – India


Ahan – India

Animal Rehabilitation and Protection Front (ARPF) – India


Babul Films – India

Ekalabaya – India

Mahiru Foundation – India

Rajputana Society of Natural History (RSNH) – India

Street Cause Eforce – India

Tarumitra Students’ Forum for Environment – India

Tiger Protection Group – India

Vanavarayar Institute of Agriculture – India

WILL – India

Youth Welfare Club (R) – India

Indonesia Green Action Forum (IGAF) – Indonesia


Environment Forum for Nature Conservation – Nepal


Forum for Nature Protection – Nepal

Exellence Centre for Environmental Research – Nepal

Greenhood Nepal – Nepal

National Federation of Youth Organisations in Bangladesh – Bangladesh

Korea Council for Biological Diversity (KCBD) – South Korea


Earthlanka Youth Network – Sri Lanka


The Arab Youth Climate Movement - Bahrain

Sustain Solutions – Sri Lanka

Society for Conserving Planet And Life – India



Biodiversa –  Spain


Deutscher Jugendbund für Naturbeobachtung (DJN) – Germany


Naturschutzjugend (NAJU) – Germany
(German Youth Association for the Protection of Nature)


Generations for Sustainable Environment (GSE) – Sweden

Thessaloniki – European Youth Captial 2014 – Greece

Sociedade Portuguesa de Ecologia (SPECO) – Portugal
(Portuguese Ecological Society)

Sustainable Development Society (SDS) – United Kingdom

Noé – France

Worldrise – Italy

Latin America

Latin America and the Caribbean

Reacción Climática – Bolivia

Red de Jóvenes de Slow Food México – Mexico

The Sierra to Sea Institute/ProCAT Colombia – Costa Rica, Colombia

OPADES – Organización Paraguaya de Conservación y Desarrollo Sustentable - Paraguay

North America

North America

BiodiversityMatters – Canada

SustainUS – USA

TUNZA North America – Canada/USA
UNEP Regional Office for North America

Wildlife Conservation Club SFU – Canada

GrowingToGather – Canada



International Forestry Students’ Association (IFSA) – Germany


Youth and United Nations Global Alliance (YUNGA) – Italy

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