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Participación de GYBN con el CBD

Haga clic a continuación para obtener más información sobre la participación juvenil de GYBN en reuniones anteriores del CDB:

We are living in a social-ecological crisis.


Societal values, principles and beliefs, influenced by historical and systemic inequalities, are driving our behaviors and shaping our economies, policies, institutions and practices in a unsustainable and unequal manner.


This is resulting in an unprecedented global social-ecological crisis of our own making—manifesting in, among others, widespread pollution, climate change, global pandemics, and loss of the biodiversity and cultural diversity underpinning our survival and well-being.


We believe education is a key way to address the root causes. 

Education is a key enabler for change toward sustainability, and a powerful solution to address the environmental and social crises that society is currently facing. 

Young people all over the world recognize the transformative potential of education in achieving a better future.


However, we also believe that current systems of education do not yet meet the needs for eliciting whole-of-society transformative change needed to live in harmony with nature. 

We are therefore calling for transformative education.

Transformative Education has emerged as a core priority for young people in their vision for the future.


We call for a Transformative Education that fosters an active citizenry aware of their place in the web of life and their role in society, fully capable of stewarding society towards a sustainable, peaceful and equitable future in harmony with nature. 

Such a transformative education must be:


• An education that holistically nurtures connectedness, reciprocity, and kinship to nature

• An accessible rights-based education that is respectful, inclusive, and celebrates diversity

• A lifelong education that fosters sustainable, respectful, responsible, proactive, and critical societies

• An education that is of high quality, actively supported, and holistic in its approaches


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Find out more


GYBN has developed a policy brief that elaborates our community’s perspectives on transformative education and how we can make it a reality on the ground and through policy, including the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework.

Download our policy brief on Transformative Education below:

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