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Some Resources For Increase Blog Backlinks

# Blog Comments. (Don’t Spam)

Create a list of high-quality blogs in your niches and start commenting. Remember always make a topic related comment and in a general manner. You comment not should look like spam or just your blog promotion.

# Forum Post.

Start Participating in Niches forums and build backlinks. According to many forums, not allowed link promotions so you can use your signature. Take part in general discussion and Answer about questions. You can find out topics to participate.Web forums are also helpful in generating quality traffic for your blog.

# Video Sharing.

Create and share your videos on video sharing sites like youtube. Youtube is having PR 8 and you can get a quality Backlink for your blog. Create a Youtube channel and submit you blog link in web URL Space.YouTube allow users to get a high PR backlink.

# Social Media Profiles.

Get free backlinks with social media sites. Create a profile in high PR and most visited social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and linked and get a free backlink by submitting your blog URL in add URL section.

# Wikipedia Page.

Create a Wikipedia page for your hw answers blog and update all related information’s. We all know that Wikipedia is a most famous and well SEO organized high authority site on the internet. And getting a backlink from Wikipedia can be a great opportunity for any site owner. Use and ideal keyword for getting Backlinks. And creating a Wikipedia page will take just 5 to 10 minutes.

# Press Release Sites.

Write a press release post about your blog and submit it to some high PR Press release sites. Find some great and highly visited PR sites on Internet and submit your press release about a product launch, Event, and any other unique things. It will help you to Build quality links with quality referral traffic.

# Blog Directory Submission.

Many bloggers don’t like this method but in my opinion, blog directories is a great source of quality backlinks and quality traffic to your blog. After publishing, you can submit your blog in high PR and popular blog directories. Some site directories like DMOZ, All Top, Technorati and Yahoo Directory is the most popular blog directories on the internet. (I don’t like this method)

# Documents Sharing Sites.

Documents sharing sites are the other effective link and popularity builder tool now. Because thousands of people search these sites for find relative and useful docs online. you can write about any subject and submit it to all documents sharing sites. Use your Educational, Official, Business Teaching notes to share. You can create a tutorial guide for submission.

# Infographics. (Popular Now)

In 2015, Infographics were the most popular link builder tool. According to a recent survey biology help article which was an infographic got more share and backlinks from other sites and visitors.

# Image Sharing Sites.

Image sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram is another way to generate high Pr backlinks for your blog. Pinterest is having PR 8 and it allow users to build a do-follow backlink.

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