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Everyone is attempting to figure out who the Impostor is, thus everyone will be wandering around a little. Don't be afraid to be a little out of the ordinary, especially if you're playing with real-life pals and having a few games.


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"Which candidate should I vote for?"

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You should also be strategic about who you murder. If you were accused of being an imposter, it may be even more suspicious if they died the next round.

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You'll have distinct Crewmate alibis if you operate independently, but you can vouch for each other if your stories are credible. When there are few Crewmates remaining at the conclusion of the game, or when they are near to completing all assignments, joining up with the other Imposter can rapidly terminate the game. Choosing a sabotage that helps both of you, like as turning off the lights, might result in a double death. This guarantees you're making the most of your cooldown time.

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Abduction is a principle of logical reasoning that combines unconfirmable and confirmed information to get to an answer. This is a strong way to determine who the Impostor is, but it can also be flawed if the Impostor is especially good at framing. Abduction happens when two players are found near a dead body and are accusing one another of being the Impostor. If Red dies and Yellow and Cyan are nearby, the crewmates will reasonably assume one of them is responsible. If Yellow is then killed the next round, crewmates are likely to assume Cyan is responsible, even though an Impostor might be framing Cyan. Crewmates may use this reasoning because they perceive the benefit of possibly kicking out the Impostor outweighs the cost of inadvertently booting an innocent crewmate.

Updated June 27, 2020 by Chris Birsner: As Among Us evolves and players become more adept at specific strategies, it's always a good idea to refresh your memory on the most crucial things to consider when playing on Polus. At the same time, it is critical for tactics to change, which is why some fresh ideas must be considered.

Yes, this contradicts the last point, but make sure you're not too focused on the job at hand, otherwise you'll never catch the impostor.

Standing in a room's corners, away from tasks

Dropship is the finest venue for impostors to commit murder. This is due to the fact that there are very few chores that occur inside the region, and most players, as previously said, end up taking care of them right out of the gate.

Among Us supports four to ten players divided into two teams: one to three Imposters and the rest Crewmates. Crewmates win by completing easy tasks on the map or ejecting all Imposters. Imposters win by killing crew members and avoiding ejections until only a few crew members remain. When a body is discovered and reported, all players are summoned to a meeting for a debate. Players can then vote on who they believe are possible Imposters, or they can abstain if they are unsure. Here are some broad pointers to help you prepare for a game.

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The reactors on Polus' top left and top right are critical to win. Not only may they lure crewmates away from having to walk to the top of the map, but the confusion of being divided by the Dropship may also lead to a scenario in which everyone goes to one reactor but not the other.

NOTICE: The floating platform in the Gap Room always begins on the left side of the map, beneath the stairway leading up to the Meeting Room.

Another reliable method for keeping track of other crewmates and their activities is to utilize the table in the Admin room, which is located directly outside the south Decontamination Room. While the table does not directly inform the player where everyone is, it does tell you whether or not there is a person in a room and, if so, how many people are in there.

Don't be scared to be out of the ordinary.

Going to terminals and pausing for a few seconds to appear to be working on your responsibilities also helps. Others will be observing, and excellent Crewmates will point out those who aren't doing chores in meetings. After a few hours of play, you'll see strategies to construct a plausible defense while grabbing favorable times to blame others.

Certain Cameras Should Be Avoided

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You want to move the conversation forward, so don't wait for something to go wrong. Following a murder, you could wish to question another player where he came from or what duties he completed. Crewmates accuse each other all the time, so participating isn't always suspicious. Crewmates may pick up on your allegation and begin doubting your victim if you do so early on.

The other way Impostors can clear themselves of wrongdoing is to have someone vouch for them. One way this could work is by making a kill in a secluded area, venting away, and finding areas with a lot of crewmates who can see the Impostor player performing fake tasks and vouch for their innocence once the body is discovered. Another way might be to kill in a crowded area where the confusion will likely help shield the Impostor from suspicion. Finally, the Impostors can and should team up if there are several of them and vouch for one another. Of course, if they do this too often, it could backfire, but it is a good way to begin the game and get a few kills without being caught.

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Being an Among Us Impostor is a difficult task. A brilliant impostor is cunning, takes use of game dynamics, and, most importantly, is a cold-blooded liar. The following ten Among Us Impostor strategies will help you win, and we also have an Among Us Maps guide to assist you.

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Among Us hints

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Always attempt to repair sabotage.


While some sabotage may compel crewmates to halt what they're doing, others just make navigating a map or locating an escape more difficult. Trapping crewmates by closing doors can be advantageous in Polus since players must physically unlock the doors.

Strange conduct does not always indicate the presence of an impostor, but it is worth noting.

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Tips for Imposters Among Us

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Surveillance Camera Spy

The cameras are not simply there to hamper you though. Crewmates monitoring the cameras can't see other players nearby, so if you see those small red lights, it's time to go to the security room. You may even pretend to be a Crewmate by observing the cameras yourself.

If no one has persuaded you, don't be scared to abstain from voting; the path to victory is paved with job completion.

You should not be hesitant to speak out, but there is no need to raise the same question repeatedly. Among Us discussions might sometimes look (or sound) like this:

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To win the game, the imposters must act like the crew and avoid raising any suspicions. Being a good crewmate demands being alert and communicative.

If you exit out of the Make Burger assignment before finishing it, you will be given a new recipe card. To access the sandwich toppings and exit the recipe card, simply click away from the card, rather than on the X in the top left corner.

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Common responsibilities

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Collaborate with other Imposters.

Among Us is a murder mystery puzzler in which you work together as a group to fulfill fundamental chores aboard a spacecraft. None of these chores are especially tough - though card swiping may be tedious - but they are impeded by the presence of a 'Impostor' - or 'Imposter' depending on who you're speaking with. Each game will feature one to three Impostors, with a total crew of up to 10.

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