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Previous Youth

Conferences on Biodiversity

GYBN Kick-Off Meeting
Dates: August 21-27, 2012
Location: Berlin, Germany
Participants: 36 youth participants from 22 countries
Hosted by: NAJU

Thanks to generous financial support from the German Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN), GYBN was officially established at an international Kick-Off conference hosted by NAJU in Berlin, Germany from August 21st to 27th, 2012.  Thirty-six youth representatives from organizations across 22 countries, attended the conference. The participants first learned about biodiversity issues and the CBD procedures through workshops, a simulation of the COP proceedings, and networking with each other.  The final days of the conference were used to create the GYBN statute, mission, and vision for GYBN, and to create a position paper for the upcoming CBD COP-11. The GYBN Kick-Off meeting culminated in the adoption of the statute, marking the official establishment of GYBN.

International Youth Conference on Biodiversity 2010
Dates: August 21-27, 2010
Location: Nagoya, Japan
Participants: 100 youth participants from 62 countries
Hosted by: Japanese Ministry of the Environment

Building upon the outcomes of the Asian Youth Conference held the year before in 2009, the goal of the conference was the adoption of a Youth Statement and a Youth Action Plan on Biodiversity. Furthermore, the agenda of the conference included numerous excursions, working-groups and discussion sessions. One of these working-groups developed a first rough concept for a global youth biodiversity network under the tentative name “Global Youth for Biodiversity Organisation” (GYBO).

YouPEC 2010
Dates: July 1-6, 2010
Location: Olen, Belgium
Participants: 130 youth participants from 36 European countries
Hosted by: Jeugdbond voor Natuur en Milieu

In 2010, deemed the International Year of Biodiversity, the Belgian youth environmental organization JNM (Jeugdbond voor Natuur en Milieu) organized the “European Youth Perspective Conference on Biodiversity” (YouPEC 2010). This conference was the third YouPEC conference, following up on two previous conferences on Consumption (Bakkum, the Netherlands, June-July 2008) and on Energy and Climate (Berlin, Germany, June 2007). From July 1st to 6th, YouPEC 2010 gathered 130 young people from 36 European countries in Olen, Belgium to discuss and learn about biodiversity. At the end of the conference, participants adopted a youth declaration, urging the European Union and its member states to significantly increase their efforts and resources to protect biological diversity and to show strong leadership with biodiversity efforts on the European and international levels. In front of the European Commission in Brussels, this declaration was handed over to Janez Potocnik, the European Commissioner for the Environment, who promised to take the concerns of young people into consideration.

Asian Youth Conference on Biodiversity
Dates: August 2-6, 2009
Location: Nagoya, Japan
Participants: 79 youth participants from 13 Asian countries
Hosted by: Japanese Ministry of the Environment

From August 2nd to 6th in 2009, the Japanese Ministry of Environment organized the “Asian Youth Conference on Biodiversity” (AYCB). With the theme “Maintenance of Biodiversity in the Asian region and its sustainable use”, seventy-nine participants from thirteen Asian countries came together to network and to discuss about biological diversity. The participants adopted a youth action plan and a youth statement on biodiversity. While participants also drafted a plan for the establishment of an Asian Youth Network on Biodiversity (AYNB), the proposed network was never created.

Second International Youth Symposium on Biodiversity
Dates: July 5 - 9, 2009
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Participants: 100 youth participants from 10 countries
Hosted by: BiodiversityMatters and POWER

The Second International Youth Symposium on Biodiversity was held in Ottawa, Canada from July 5th to 9th, 2009. The conference was jointly organized by the Canadian youth NGOs BiodiversityMatters and POWER. The Youth Symposium was attended by one-hundred young people from ten countries and intended to provide a platform to celebrate youth initiatives on biodiversity. Building up on the results of the 1st International Youth Symposium on Biodiversity held in Mexico in January 2005, the conference culminated in the adoption of the “Global Youth Accord on Biodiversity”, which was later translated in 25 languages and received over 5000 signatures of youth from 83 countries. Guided by the vision “that biodiversity will be protected to sustain global ecosystems and life on our planet, now and in the future”, the Global Youth Accord was created as  a youth action plan on biodiversity and called for the inclusion of youth in decision-making processes, especially procedures within the CBD.

Biodiversity on the Edge
Dates: May 13 - 19, 2008
Location: Bonn, Germany
Participants: 60 youth participants from 25 countries
Hosted by: NAJU

The “Biodiversity on the Edge” (BotE) international youth conference was hosted by the German youth environmental organization NAJU (Naturschutzjugend) and took place in Bonn, Germany, from May 13th to 19th in 2008, prior to CBD COP-9. “Biodiversity on the Edge” brought sixty participants from twenty-five countries together.  As a highlight of the conference, the participants had the chance to present a youth declaration during the official opening ceremony of the 2008 UN Biodiversity Summit. The youth representatives called upon the 6,400 delegates and ministers at COP-9 to bring nature and ecosystems back into balance. Additionally, they urged delegates to include biological diversity issues in the curricula of all schools. It was the first occurrence that young people were given the floor during a CBD COP.