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Call for Applications: 2018 GYBN Regional Youth Capacity Building Workshop for ASIA

Building upon the success of GYBN's 2017 series of Capacity-Building Workshops and thanks to generous support from the Japan Biodiversity Fund, the European Commission, the CBD Secretariat, the African Wildlife Foundation, Engajamundo and the Telangana Forest Department, GYBN will organize another three Youth Capacity-Building Workshops for ASIA, AFRICA and LATIN-AMERICA and the CARIBBEAN in 2018/19.

Please apply through this form by August 31 2018 at 23:59:

Download our workshop brochure here

+++This call is ONLY for ASIA+++

If you want to apply for the Africa ( please use the respective form.


The workshop for ASIA will be held in partnership with the Telangana Forest Department in Hyderabad, India in mid-October 2018 (exact dates to be confirmed but likely from October 14 to 20).


To strengthen the capacity of young leaders to take action in support of National Biodiversity Strategies and Actions Plan (NBSAPs, and to contribute towards the achievement of the Aichi Biodiversity Targets (, the Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN, is hosting a series of capacity-building workshops around the world in 2018/19.

Participants will take part in team building, networking and training sessions in international biodiversity conservation policy, mobilization, advocacy, campaign skills and project management to create or enhance existing projects that directly contribute to the Aichi Biodiversity Targets and the implementation of NBSAPs.

For these workshops, travel, accommodation, and limited food expenses will be funded for successful applicants who are based in the region in which the workshop is held. Visa costs will be covered on a case by case basis. Flights will only be funded for travel within the same region.


These week-long regional workshops will bring together 15-18 young leaders in each region to:

- Mobilize networks/communities at the regional, national or local levels in order to increase public/youth engagement, general awareness and political will for biodiversity conservation - Learn about the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD,, the CBD's Strategic Plan 2010-2021 and the Aichi Biodiversity Targets - Learn about key aspects of NBSAP and how young people can partner with national and sub-national authorities to support implementation - Catalyze concrete actions to bring these legally-binding international decisions down to the local, national, and regional level - Join a global effort to set youth priorities for a future in harmony with nature and push governments, business and citizens to act - Mobilize young people in order to have their perspectives considered in the CBD post 2020 framework


The deadline for applications is August 31 at 23:59 GMT.


- Application form (fill it out online) here - Digital copy of CV - Digital copy of Passport

Send a pdf copy of your CV and the identification page of your passport to:

obs: the title of your document should be LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_CV.pdf and LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_PASSPORT.pdf


1. Be a registered GYBN member by the start of the application period 2. Between 18 - 35 years old 3. Commitment to biodiversity conservation with a previous track record showing such engagement 4. Active member or coordinator of a youth organization/network/community that is active on Biodiversity on the local/national or regional level 5. Possess the time and ability to share knowledge gained from the workshop, including implementing workshop outcomes and replicating workshop model at the national/local level 6. The applicant's biodiversity-related work has to be based in the region in which a workshop is held. However, the applicant need not be a citizen of a country of that region.


Due to our donor's funding requirements, for the workshops in Asia, Africa and Latin-America and the Caribbean financial support is only available for applicants that are citizens of developing countries. Applicants from developed countries (i.e. Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea etc.) cannot be financially supported. However self-funded participants are welcome to join the workshops!

The workshops in Europe and North-America (yet to be announced) will be open to applicants from developed countries from their respective regions.

If you are unsure whether you are eligible to join the workshops, if you are interested to participate as a self-funded participant or if you should have any other questions, please write to and cc it to and

We look forward to receiving your applications and seeing you at the workshops!

PLEASE NOTE: Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. Applications must be submitted in English. Applications submitted in another language will not be considered. Incomplete applications will also not be considered.


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