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Meet Our Network

Who are the people who make up the GYBN Community?

Steering Committee (SC):  GYBN’s main coordination and decision-making body. It consists of 8-15 representatives from all world regions (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America and Oceania), including indigenous youth representatives and COP presidency representatives.

General Membership: All registered individual members and organizations.

Working groups: Permanent groups of active GYBN members working on specific issues relevant to the work of the network (e.g.: Policy, Outreach, Capacity Building, etc.) that are overseen by the SC.

Task forces: Project-base group of active GYBN members working on specific projects, campaigns or activities that can be temporary (e.g.: GYBN Youth Voices). It can be overseen by the SC, the Alumni Board or both.

Focal Points (FP): GYBN’s liaison with external community, especially the CBD Secretariat. It consists of 2 Steering Committee members internally appointed, one representing the Global South, and one representing the Global North.

Alumni Community: Active GYBN members over thirty years old that wishes to keep supporting the work of the network.

Alumni Board: Former SC members that wishes to keep supporting the work of the network on an advisory position to the SC.

External community: Group of NGOs, advisors, UN agencies, funding agencies with which GYBN may interact.